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Glenn Kelman Net Worth: A Complete Guide

Among the tech tycoons and influential figures in Silicon Valley, Glenn Kelman has carved a prominent place for himself. Renowned for his significant impact on the real estate sector, Kelman’s path to wealth is a captivating story of achievement. In this extensive examination, we will thoroughly investigate “Glenn Kelman Net Worth”, dissecting the key elements that have played a pivotal role in his financial prosperity.

Who Is Glenn Kelman?

Glenn Kelman serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Redfin, a Seattle-based real estate brokerage company with a strong emphasis on technology. He is renowned for his leadership in revolutionizing the real estate sector through the utilization of digital platforms and data-centric approaches.

How Old Is Glenn Kelman? 

Glenn Kelman is presently 51 years of age. Among the executives at Redfin, he is among the six older ones, and there are no executives younger than him. The most senior executive at Redfin is Mr. Christopher Nielsen, who holds the position of Chief Financial Officer and is 56 years old.

Early Life And Education

Glenn Kelman, born on August 1, 1969, hails from Seattle, Washington, USA. His early years in Seattle fostered a strong fascination with technology and entrepreneurship. Following his high school graduation, he sought higher education to further develop his knowledge and skills. Kelman enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. Unfortunately, specific details regarding his field of study and major during his undergraduate years are not available in my knowledge base.

After his undergraduate studies, Kelman continued his education, possibly by pursuing a graduate degree or gaining additional professional experience. During this period, he delved deeper into the realms of technology and startup ventures. In 2005, Kelman embarked on his journey with Redfin, a real estate technology company founded in Seattle. Initially holding the position of Vice President of Marketing, he played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s brand and marketing strategy. Over the years, he ascended through the ranks within Redfin, ultimately assuming the role of CEO.

Under Kelman’s visionary leadership, Redfin has flourished and extended its presence within the real estate industry. The company now offers a range of online tools and services designed to streamline the process of buying and selling homes. Kelman is celebrated for his innovative approach to real estate and technology, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the transformation of the real estate market through digital platforms.

Glenn Kelman Height

Glenn Kelman has amassed substantial wealth throughout his career. In terms of his physical attributes, Glenn Kelman stands at a height of 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches) and maintains a weight of 64 kg (141 lbs). This article provides comprehensive information about Glenn Kelman, including details about his career.

Glenn Kelman Career

Glenn Kelman’s professional journey has predominantly revolved around the intersection of technology and real estate. He began his career at Plumtree Software, a software company later acquired by BEA Systems. Subsequently, he co-founded HouseValues.com, an online real estate brokerage. Kelman’s association with Redfin commenced in 2005 when he joined as Vice President of Marketing. Notably, he assumed the role of CEO in 2007. As the CEO of Redfin, Kelman has spearheaded the company through substantial growth milestones, including its initial public offering in 2017.

Glenn Kelman Net Worth

As of February 21, 2023, Glenn Kelman net worth is at least $42.6 million. Mr. Kelman possesses more than 35,335 units of Redfin Corp stock, with a total value exceeding $8,517,859. Over the past five years, he has sold Redfin Corp stock valued at over $33,022,650. Additionally, in his role as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director at Redfin Corp, he earns an annual income of $1,082,280.

Mr. Kelman’s Insider Trading Of RDFN Stock Reported In SEC Form 4.

“Glenn Kelman has documented his trading activity involving Redfin Corp stock through 16 trades since 2019, as reported in Form 4 filings with the SEC. His most recent transaction occurred on February 21, 2023, when he purchased 35,335 units of RDFN stock valued at $304,588.

The most substantial trade he executed involved the exercise of 180,313 units of Redfin Corp stock on May 11, 2021, which had a value exceeding $64,913. On average, Glenn has traded approximately 58,483 units every 77 days since 2019. As of February 21, 2023, he continues to hold a minimum of 1,216,837 units of Redfin Corp stock.

Glenn Kelman Nationality

Glenn Kelman, the CEO of Redfin, is an American citizen who was born and raised in the United States, specifically in Seattle, Washington. He has spent the majority of his professional career working within the United States. Widely recognized for his significant contributions to the real estate industry, Kelman co-founded an online real estate brokerage before he began his tenure at Redfin in 2005.As the CEO of Redfin, he has played a pivotal role in guiding the company through substantial growth, culminating in its public offering in 2017.

Wife & Love Life

Regarding his personal life, Glenn Kelman maintains a low profile and refrains from discussing his married life in the public domain. However, we know that he married Sylvia Lee Kelman, with whom he has had a longstanding relationship. She has been a source of support throughout his career and has offered valuable advice on occasion. The couple also has a son, but limited information is available about him.

How Much Does Glenn Kelman Earn As His Salary?

In his roles as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Redfin Corp, Glenn Kelman’s total compensation amounts to $1,082,280. Among the executives at Redfin Corp, five individuals are receiving higher compensation, with Christian Taubman being the highest earner at $1,864,030.

Wealth-Building Factors Innovation and Forward-Thinking Glenn Kelman’s capacity for innovation and forward-thinking have been central to his achievements.

Market Diversification The expansion of Redfin into numerous markets has significantly contributed to the growth of his wealth.

Glenn Kelman’s Achievements And Honors 

Throughout his tenure at Redfin, Glenn Kelman has garnered multiple awards and recognitions, which include:

  • In 2021, he secured a spot on the Swanepoel Power 200 list, recognizing him as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Figures in the Real Estate industry.
  • In 2018, the Puget Sound Business Journal honored him as one of the Most Admired CEOs, reflecting his outstanding leadership.
  • His distinction as one of the Top 100 CEOs in Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards in 2017 underscored his exceptional contributions.
  • In 2013, he was recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate by Inman News, highlighting his significant impact on the industry.
  • In 2009, Realtor Magazine acknowledged him as one of the 25 Most Influential People in Real Estate, emphasizing his substantial role in the field.

Challenges Encountered 

Fluctuations in the Real Estate Market Glenn Kelman has had to steer through the unpredictable shifts in the real estate market.

Competing Against Established Real Estate Giants 

Redfin faced challenges in vying with well-established giants in the real estate industry.

Public Image 

Glenn Kelman has established a prominent presence in both the real estate and technology realms, often featured in media coverage and serving as a speaker at industry gatherings. He is recognized for his keen observations regarding the evolving real estate landscape within the digital era.


In summary, Glenn Kelman’s remarkable path from a California hometown to achieving prominence as a tech and real estate giant serves as an inspirational tale. His substantial net worth, estimated at around $100 million, reflects his unwavering commitment, inventive mindset, and relentless efforts to reshape the real estate sector. Rooted in his passion for philanthropy, Kelman continues to leave a constructive imprint not only in the tech sphere but also within the community. I hope you’ll find this article engaging. If it captures your genuine interest, we invite you to explore our website, Time Speed Magazine.

Glenn Kelman Net Worth FAQs

How Did Glenn Kelman Initiate His Career In The Technology Sector? 

Glenn Kelman embarked on his tech career by engaging with multiple startup ventures after he graduated from Stanford University.

What Serves As The Primary Source Of Glenn Kelman’s Wealth? 

A substantial portion of Glenn Kelman’s wealth is derived from his investments in Redfin and his ownership of real estate properties.

Has Glenn Kelman Been Actively Involved In Philanthropic Initiatives? 

Indeed, Glenn Kelman is recognized for his philanthropic endeavors and his support for various charitable causes.

What Obstacles Did Glenn Kelman Encounter Within The Real Estate Industry? 

In his journey, Glenn Kelman faced challenges such as coping with market fluctuations and competing against well-established giants in the real estate domain.

What Is The Current Estimated Net Worth Of Glenn Kelman? 

As of 2023, Glenn Kelman’s net worth is approximated to be in the vicinity of $100 million.

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