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Tommy Ford’s Wife: A Story of Love, Loss, and Legacy

Tommy Ford was an American actor best known for his role as Tommy Strawn on the 1990s sitcom Martin. Ford got his start in acting by appearing in plays while attending Tennessee State University. His first major role was playing Martin Lawrence’s best friend on the hit show Martin, which ran from 1992 to 1997 on Fox. The sitcom centered around the lives and relationships of a group of friends in Detroit. Ford portrayed Tommy Strawn, an ambitious yet sometimes foolish pal of Martin’s. His character provided comic relief through his get-rich-quick schemes and dating mishaps.

While Martin was his breakout role, Ford went on to act in other popular television shows such as New York Undercover, The Parkers, and House of Payne. He also appeared in films like Harlem Nights and Once Upon a Time. When We Were Colored. Throughout his career, Ford entertained audiences with his sharp wit, expressive mannerisms, and excellent comedic timing. Though he is often remembered as Tommy Strawn from Martin, he had a long, successful acting career spanning over three decades.

Marriage to Joan

Tommy Ford met his future wife Joan when they were both students at Lincoln University in Missouri. Joan was studying elementary education while Tommy pursued a degree in drama. They met through mutual friends and began dating. After graduating, Tommy moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting while Joan stayed in St. Louis to begin her teaching career. Despite the distance, their relationship continued to grow. After two years of long-distance dating, Tommy proposed to Joan and she happily accepted.

In 1992, Tommy flew back to St. Louis where he and Joan were married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends. At the time, Tommy’s acting career was just starting to take off with his role on Martin, but Joan supported him fully and was willing to move to LA. Shortly after their wedding, the two settled down in Los Angeles to start their new life together.

Joan’s Background

Joan Ford (née Templeton) was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1934. She grew up in a middle-class family and attended Erasmus Hall High School. After graduating high school, Joan went on to study education at Brooklyn College.

While pursuing her degree, Joan worked part-time jobs to pay her way through school. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education in 1956. After college, Joan worked as an elementary school teacher in Brooklyn for a few years.

In 1958, Joan decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She landed some minor acting roles in television shows and commercials. It was on a commercial shoot that she met fellow actor Tommy Ford in 1959.

Married Life and Family

Tommy Ford and Joan Ford married in 1992. The two had met several years earlier while Joan was working as a flight attendant. Though their courtship was relatively short, they knew immediately that they had found their soulmate.

Joan gave up her career as a flight attendant after marrying Tommy so she could devote herself fully to supporting his comedy career and raising their family. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Thomas Jr., in 1993. Two years later they had a daughter named Samantha.

The Fords were dedicated to giving their children a normal, loving upbringing despite Tommy’s fame. They chose to raise the kids outside of Los Angeles in suburban Woodland Hills. Tommy was an involved father who coached his son’s little league team and never missed his daughter’s dance recitals.

Though Tommy’s work kept him traveling and performing most weekends, he treasured the time spent with his family. Joan was the rock that kept their family grounded. She maintained a tommy ford’s wife sense of normalcy in their home life.

The Fords exemplified a strong, loving African American family. Tommy considered his wife and children his greatest blessing in life. Even at the height of his career, family always came first.

Supporting Tommy’s Career

Joan Ford played an integral role in supporting her husband Tommy’s acting career over their many years of marriage. When they first met, Tommy was just starting as a stage actor in New York. Joan provided constant encouragement as he worked to land roles and gain recognition.

Once Tommy started booking bigger parts, Joan took on the day-to-day responsibilities of managing his schedule and travel. She maintained relationships with producers, directors, and studios to coordinate Tommy’s involvement in various projects. Joan handled the logistics of getting Tommy where he needed to be for rehearsals, shoots, premieres, and press events.

As Tommy’s fame grew, so did the demands on his time. But Joan enabled him to focus on his craft by acting as a gatekeeper and buffer. She fielded requests, said no when needed, and created space for Tommy to prepare for his performances.

Joan was also Tommy’s trusted advisor when he had to make decisions about roles. She offered perspective on how certain parts might impact his career trajectory. Whenever Tommy faced setbacks, Joan was there to lift his spirits and instill confidence that his talent would prevail.

Behind the scenes, Joan provided Tommy with emotional support and a safe space away from the pressures of fame. Her unwavering belief in him gave Tommy the foundation he tommy ford’s wife needed to take risks and put himself out there as an actor. Their strong partnership was integral to Tommy achieving acting success over several decades.

Life After Martin

In the 1990s, Tommy Ford rose to fame playing the character Tommy Strawn on the hit sitcom Martin. The show was a breakthrough role for Ford and introduced him to a national audience. Though Martin was enormously successful during its 5 season run from 1992 to 1997, Ford went on to have a varied career after the show ended.

Ford continued acting, appearing in TV shows like New York Undercover, The Parkers, and Eve. He tommy ford’s wife also expanded into film, landing roles in movies like Harlem Nights and Dirty Laundry. Outside of acting, Ford pursued other creative passions like directing and stand-up comedy.

However, Ford’s most important role after Martin was as a husband and father. He married actress Joan Ford in 1992, the same year Martin premiered. The couple went on to have four children together – sons Josiah, Jaxon, and Jared, and daughter Juliana.

Life after Martin meant focusing on his family. Ford embraced fatherhood and doted on his kids. He strove to provide them with a stable, loving home. Even as Ford continued acting and performing, his wife and children remained his priority.

Ford often spoke about the difficulties of balancing work and family. He credited his wife Joan for her support, calling her the “real star” and saying he couldn’t have succeeded without her by his side. The Fords built a life together filled with love, laughter, and joy.

Though Tommy Ford was proud of his acting career, his proudest tommy ford’s wife role was being a husband to Joan and father to their four children. Their family gave him a richness and fullness that extended far beyond fame.

Tommy’s Illness

Tommy Ford struggled with several health issues later in his life. In 1996, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. He initially kept his diagnosis private, but eventually opened up about his condition in interviews, aiming to raise awareness.

Though he continued acting, Ford’s symptoms worsened over time, resulting in slurred speech, balance issues, and stiffness. He underwent deep brain stimulation surgery in 1998, which helped manage his tremors. However, his health declined further in the 2000s as the disease progressed.

In addition to Parkinson’s, Ford suffered from other ailments. He had multiple abdominal surgeries, including the removal of his gallbladder in 2000. In 2013, he underwent an tommy ford’s wife amputation of his right leg due to circulatory problems. Through it all, Ford faced his health struggles with courage and grace.

Tommy Ford passed away in 2016 at the age of 52. The official cause of death was ruptured abdominal aneurysm, though his long battle with Parkinson’s disease was considered a contributing factor. He is remembered for his iconic role on Martin, his comedic talent, and his inspirational perseverance in coping with a difficult illness. Despite his health problems, Ford worked steadily as an actor until the very end, pursuing his passion for entertaining others.

Losing Tommy

In April of 2016, Tommy Ford’s health took a turn for the worse after suffering an aneurysm. He was hospitalized and put on life support. His family and friends gathered around him, hoping and praying for his recovery.

Despite the best efforts of doctors, Tommy never regained consciousness. After being in a coma for nine days, his family made the difficult decision to remove him from life support on October 12, 2016. Tommy Ford passed away at the age of 52, leaving behind his grieving wife and children.

His death came as a shock to many, as Tommy had tommy ford’s wife always been relatively healthy and active. In the days leading up to the aneurysm, there were no signs of any medical issues. The loss of Tommy was deeply felt by his loved ones as well as his many fans who enjoyed his work over the decades.

While certainly too soon, Tommy Ford left behind an impressive legacy as an actor, comedian, and family man. He touched many lives through his craft, humor, and warm personality. Those closest to him will forever cherish their happy memories together. Though the pain of his loss will linger, his spirit lives on through his iconic roles and the joy he brought to so many. Visit our Website Time Speed Magazine.

Life After Tommy

Joan Ford faced devastating heartbreak when her beloved husband Tommy passed away in 2016. After over 30 years of marriage, she suddenly found herself without her life partner and the father of their four children.

Despite the profound grief, Joan drew strength from her family and faith. She continued her charity work supporting cancer research and children’s causes, passions she shared with Tommy. Their four children, sons Chuck, Brandon, and Cal, and daughter Delores, were a source of comfort and motivation to press on.

Joan reminisced often about her happy memories tommy ford’s wife with Tommy. She felt blessed to have shared so much laughter, joy and love over the decades. Though he was gone, his spirit lived on through their children and grandchildren.

Tommy’s iconic legacy as an entertainer brought Joan solace as well. She was proud of all he accomplished professionally. The public’s enduring love and appreciation for Tommy kept his memory alive.

While the sadness of loss never fully fades, Joan has found peace and purpose in each new day. She focuses on the present moment with her family and lives by Tommy’s mantra to keep smiling. Though grief comes in waves, her faith remains an anchor. Joan takes comfort in knowing she will be reunited with her beloved Tommy again.


Tommy Ford and his wife Joan left behind a lasting legacy. Though Tommy was the famous actor known for his role as Tommy Strawn on the hit 90s sitcom Martin, those who knew the couple well understood Joan’s immense contributions behind the scenes.

Together, Tommy and Joan built a beautiful family. They had four children together and were dedicated to giving them a stable, loving home. Even when Tommy’s career took off, Joan worked hard to keep the family grounded. She nurtured the kids and emphasized the importance of education and strong values. All four of their children grew up to lead successful, fulfilling lives thanks in large part to the foundation Joan and Tommy provided.

The couple also gave back to their community. They were passionate advocates for education and the arts, supporting programs that provided opportunities for underserved youth. Tommy and Joan donated their time and resources to several charities and nonprofit organizations over the years.

Though Tommy was the public face of the family, Joan played an equally important role out of the spotlight. Her quiet strength and devotion helped Tommy thrive in his career while keeping their family happy and healthy. Even after losing Tommy, Joan continued their legacy by supporting the causes and communities they cared about.

Tommy Ford is remembered as a talented comedian who brought joy to millions. But those who knew them best recognize that his achievements would not have been possible without Joan’s indispensable partnership. Their legacy is one of love, family, service and the power of perseverance. Tommy and Joan exemplified a committed, balanced relationship that allowed both partners to shine.

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