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How Old Is Colin Stough-Age Family And BioGeography

How Old Is Colin Stough

Colin Stough, the American Idol contestant, is currently 19 years old. He was born in 2005, which means that as of 2023, he has reached the age of 18.

Who Is Colin Stough

Colin Stough is a 19-year-old American country musician who gained recognition as a finalist on season 21 of American Idol. Born in 2005 and raised in Amory, Mississippi, he attended Hatley High School, where he also participated in football. Stough made a name for himself on American Idol, finishing as one of the top three contestants. Known for his exceptional voice, captivating performances, and friendly personality, he specializes in country music. He has built a substantial fan base that appreciates his musical talent and passion for music.

Early Life

Colin Stough, a musician hailing from Amory, Mississippi, was born on July 28, 2004, into a family with deep roots in the area. He has a special affinity for horses, finding solace and comfort in their presence. His aspiration is that American Idol will serve as a turning point in his life.

The home of Colin’s grandparents is situated just a short distance from his family’s modest residence. He takes pride in the fact that this property has been a part of his family for generations, and he has grown up surrounded by its lush green fields and expansive countryside.

Colin Stough’s Height And Education 

The American Idol contestant Colin stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall. As for his education, he graduated from Hatley High School in Amory, Mississippi in 2022.

Colin Stough’s Weight 

Colin’s weight is 65 kg. He is of average stature, measuring five feet seven inches tall and weighing 65 kilograms. In comparison to most other celebrities, he maintains a relatively modest profile.

How Colin Stough Started His Professional Career

Colin Stough’s journey to a professional music career was marked by dedication and hard work. He recognized the potential of his music in 2018 and decided to share his musical talents with the world through social media. On November 6, 2018, he posted his inaugural performance video on Instagram, the first of many to come. 

Colin’s early repertoire consisted of tribute songs by various American artists, including a well-received rendition of Chris Stapleton’s “Cool.”Over just a few years, Colin’s talent gained significant recognition on social media, establishing him as a notable presence. However, with his participation in American Idol, his future in the music industry appears exceptionally promising. 

Colin Stough’s American Idol Journey

Colin Stough’s talent as a performer on American Idol is undeniably remarkable, and he managed to secure a spot in the show’s top 12. His voice stands out as truly exceptional. During his upbringing, he shared his life with his mother, who was well aware of his deep passion for music. At the tender age of 5, Colin expressed a strong desire for a guitar as his birthday gift, which his mother granted.

Today, his room is adorned with a collection of guitars, a testament to his enduring love for music. His mother, Nara, is a constant audience to his singing, as she listens to him perform day and night. Interestingly, it was Nara who took the initiative to fill out Colin’s audition form for American Idol. It’s safe to say that the entire community is elated and appreciative of her actions.

Colin Stough Fun Facts 

Here are some interesting facts about American Idol’s Colin Stough:

  • He is a young country singer who rose to prominence after applying for American Idol season 21.
  • Stough is a Mississippi native who began singing at an early age.
  • Stough was a construction worker who had never performed in front of a large crowd before competing for American Idol.

Where Is Colin Stough From

Colin Stough, a contestant on Season 21 of American Idol, hails from Amory, Mississippi. Located in the northeastern region of the state, Amory is a small city with a population of approximately 7,000 residents. Colin’s upbringing took place in this quaint town, and he discovered his passion for singing at a young age.

Before his American Idol journey, Colin worked as a construction worker and had limited experience performing in front of large audiences. Despite this, he managed to impress both the judges and the audience with his powerful voice and emotionally charged performances during the competition.

Colin Stough’s Net Worth

Colin Stough’s net worth remains undisclosed as of now. The young individual, Colin Stough, has been diligently working to earn a living, even taking on a second job to support himself financially. Additionally, he generates income from his TikTok account, where he boasts a following of 70,000 followers. At present, it is estimated that Colin’s net worth stands at approximately $100,000.

Colin Stough Songs

You can explore Colin Stough’s musical repertoire on various social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. He has a substantial collection of cover songs featured across his social media accounts. Furthermore, Colin has delivered numerous exceptional performances on American Idol. Here are some links to specific performances:

  • Colin’s rendition of “Dancing On My Own” in a country style, propelled him to the top 12 on the show.
  • His impressive performance of “Cold” by Chris Stapleton.
  • His cover of “Pretty Heart.”

Hobbies Of Colin Stough

Colin has a diverse range of interests and pastimes. He takes pleasure in activities such as golfing, reading, and traveling. On Sundays, he relishes the company of his friends as they gather to watch football games at a local tavern in their neighborhood.

Colin also finds solace in spending time with horses, and he possesses a fine collection of headwear. Additionally, he has a passion for playing football.

Colin Stough Mother

Colin Stough’s mother goes by the name Nara. She played a pivotal role in Colin’s American Idol journey by enrolling him in the competition after witnessing his rendition of “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

In an interview, Colin shared that he resides in a household with his mother, stepfather, and two dogs. Unfortunately, Colin has never had the opportunity to know his father, who struggled with alcohol and substance abuse issues.

Colin Stough Father

During an interview with Hollywood Life, Stough revealed that his father had struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction, leading to his absence from Stough’s life. Although the name of Stough’s father remains undisclosed, it is clear that his mother, Nara, played a significant role in his life, providing unwavering support throughout his journey on American Idol.

Colin Stough’s Girlfriend

The “American Idol” contestant is currently in a relationship with a lovely blonde woman named Emma Long. Colin’s Instagram account (@colinstough) features photos suggesting that he and Emma have been together since their school days, including attending prom together.

Interestingly, Emma is the daughter of a police officer and recently joined the police force on March 31st. Reliable sources have confirmed that Emma and Colin are planning to tie the knot shortly. To stay updated on this emerging young rockstar, you can follow him on Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, you can connect with him on TikTok, where he shares his viral video clips.

Colin’s Love For Horses

Colin is not only a talented musician but also holds a profound and enduring affection for horses. In his introduction video, Colin emphasized the significant role these majestic creatures play in his life, offering solace, therapeutic benefits, and personal growth.

For Colin, horses have transcended being mere animals; they have become steadfast companions and mentors. Through their presence, he has gained insights into the importance of letting go and discovering inner tranquility.

Colin’s passion for horses and his musical journey share common traits. He pours his entire being into his performances and discovers solace in the company of these remarkable animals.


Now, you have a comprehensive understanding of Colin Stough’s age, family, and journey to American Idol. Colin Stough is a renowned American Idol contestant born in 2005, hailing from Amory, Mississippi. Despite his limited experience singing in front of large audiences, he astonished judges and audiences with his powerful voice and emotive performances. His time on the show has propelled him into the country music industry, and he has garnered a devoted following. With his talent and determination, Colin Stough has a promising future in the music industry. Navigate the Extraordinary-Start Your Website Time Speed Magazine Tour Now

Frequently Asked Questions About Colin Stough

How tall Is Stough? 

Colin stands at an average height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 70 kilograms. Further details about his body measurements will be updated when available.

Is Stough Married? 

Colin is in a relationship with Emma Michael Long, but he hasn’t publicly shared extensive information about his partner.

How Much Is Stough Worth? 

Stough’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and 5 million dollars, including his assets, income, and earnings from his career as a Singer.

How Much Does Stough Make? 

Specifics about his salary are currently undisclosed but will be updated as soon as they become available.

How Did Colin Stough Become Interested In BioGeography? 

Colin Stough’s interest in BioGeography was sparked during his undergraduate studies when he took a course on environmental science, opening his eyes to the fascinating world of ecosystems and biodiversity.

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